Whether it's your first time in Paris or your countless stay in the City of Lights, we want to make sure you'll get the most authentic experience !

Let us show you around the finest places Parisians like to attend and enjoy

a real Parisian way of life's time.

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Eat in Paris like 

a Parisian


Great food-tours, gastronomy and culinary work-shops, markets, restaurants, Brasseries, cafés, wine, cheese, pastry, French food discovery and tastings escape-games, exciting meetings & diners with French Chefs, diners at  Parisians' home and more...!


Hang out in Paris 

like a Parisian


Enjoy the exciting Paris' cultural life as a local ! Visit and learn about the mythical Theaters of Paris, Operas, libraries, book stores, exhibitions, galleries, Festivals, concerts, Jazz clubs, classical music spots and the latest contemporary Dance performances. 

Attend to plays and shows, to classical music and finest contemporary Dance performances in the City of lights and more ! 

Shop in Paris like a Parisian.

Discover the finest places Parisians like to shop at.

Learn about their habits, the things they buy, when and why. Plan your shopping and delivery home together with us. Find the exclusive clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, candles, decoration and more Parisians like !

Live a unique Parisian shopping experience !

See Paris like a Parisian.


Parisians love their city and more over, love to know Paris was built over the years thanks to many famous Designers and well known Architects.

Learn how to distinguish between Empire, Haussman, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and more architectural styles in Paris when hanging out through the City of Light as a Parisian !


Know Paris like a Parisian.


All along your Tour, learn about French habits, culture, state of mind and way of life !

Get practical information, historical background, nowadays tips, fun facts and more !

Our special Tour ! 

  • Let us pick you up from your Hotel (or rental)  in the morning !

  • Let us take you to a typical Parisian breakfast !

  • Let us walk you throughout the city, hang out through markets, stores, boutiques, galleries and more !

  • Let us tell you about the typical Parisian look, spirit and way of life !

  • Let us get you a typical Parisian lunch !

  • Let us allow yourself to take a break and chill out !

  • Let us get you enjoying a typical Parisian "After Work" time !

  • Let us get you the finest diner at a typical trendy Parisian restaurant, at your rental with a Chef or at a Parisian's home !

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