Whether it's your first time in Paris or your countless stay in the City of Lights, we want to make sure you'll get the most authentic experience !

Let us show you around the finest places Parisians like to attend and enjoy

a real Parisian way of life's time.

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  • Let us pick you up from your Hotel (or rental)  in the morning !

  • Let us take you to a typical Parisian breakfast !

  • Let us walk you throughout the city, hang out through markets, stores, boutiques, galleries and more !

  • Let us tell you about the typical Parisian look, spirit and way of life !

  • Let us get you a typical Parisian lunch !

  • Let us allow yourself to take a break and chill out !

  • Let us get you enjoying a typical Parisian "After Work" time !

  • Let us get you the finest diner at a typical trendy Parisian restaurant, at your rental with a Chef or at a Parisian's home !

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