Let us take you to our favorite Parisians"cavistes" (wine shops), attend to our oenologists and wine experts discovery work- shops and teach you everything about French wines & Champagne !

Learn it all about French cheeses and how to assort them to your favorite wine ! 

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Let us show you the culinary and gastronomic Paris !

Be sure to get to the finest food stores, Delis, restaurants, cafés, brasseries, boulangeries, pâtisseries  Parisians like to shop !


You'll know everything about Parisian's way of (culinary) way of life !

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As everybody knows, French food Market is a whole  concept of its own !

Each area (arrondissement) of Paris has at least one Food Market.

We have 20 (areas) of them.

Let us walk you through a selection of our favorite Food Markets in town !

Here >>



Apéro !

Might be the most important French word you've got to learn !

What would be the best way of experimenting Parisian's spirit if not having diner (and Apéro !) at a Parisian's home ?

Here >>


Are you sure you know how to make a real vinaigrette ? A Blanquette de veau ? A Hachis Parmentier ?

French cuisine is the finest yet the more affordable and easiest cuisine

of the world !

Let us teach you the basis of French Cuisine ! Impress your friends turning into a real Parisian for a diner !

Here >> 

french diner with a chef

Wether you're staying at a rental in Paris or at a Hotel, we'll set you the finest "Diner at home with a Chef" !


Let us choose for you or let us know about your favorite French dishes, restrictions or habits and let's turn this evening into a wonderfull French gastronomy experience!


Here >> 

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